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Value Optimizaton

Return on Investment - are your business processes optimized to provide maximum value back to your organization? Managing and measuring ROI is a tricky path - our unique process offers an independent perspective to help coach and manage to optimal efficiency.  Brochure

Beyond Excellence

Beyond Excellence is a program designed for the independent insurance broker to analyze, create and improve their business processes and strategies enabling them to thrive in today's challenging environment.

The program is comprised of four distinct phases: 

Phase 1: The "Overture" , Phase 2: The "Interlude", Phase 3: The "Finale"  and Phase 4: The "Encore"

The program in total offers maximum benefit, though individual brokers may choose the phases most appropriate for their needs

The Overture is a comprehensive overview of the brokerage's operations and strategies.  

The Interlude implements the broad themes identified in the Overture and developing specific actions to improve the core competencies of the brokerage.  

The Finale is the culmination of the first 2 phases, the brokerage has experienced initial improvements and is transitioning into a more proactive organization.  

The Encore is the natural evolution of the Beyond Excellence program. Successful brokers are brought together into a formal network to share ideas, business practices and collaborate on opportunities, facilitated by the Beyond Excellence team.


Training is offered onsite at brokers offices or remotely if preferred.  We have various training options available to our clients.

We provide training on Broker Management Software systems such as TAM and Epic, as well as more custom and specialized workflow training.  Interested in creating and deploying webinars for your staff?  Contact us to create and deliver Webinars.

Contact us if you are interested in increasing your staff's knowledge on other software vendors as well as your management reports and other areas of the system.